Antigone's Claim: Kinship Between Life and Death (The Wellek

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Well, what I try to do is teach as much about the subject through incidents rather than through a listing of facts. If you intend to spend three or four or five years with a book, as I planned to do, then you want to be reasonably certain that the material not soon "date." We entered into a sad consultation what course to take; and having, in the first place, by united prayers, implored the protection of Almighty God, and recommended our miserable state to the same providence which, in so many instances of mercy, had been propitious to us at sea� We beheld each other as miserable wretches sentenc�d to a lingering death, no man knowing what to propose for prolonging life any longer than he was able to fast. (page 12) These types of quotes are treasures within this detailed account of shipwrecks and maritime disasters.

Pages: 118

Publisher: Columbia University Press (June 1, 2010)


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