Beyond Tolerance: Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals on Campus

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What are Virtues and what can we learn from cultures that live by a Code of Conduct? Instead of asking a what-if question, creative nonfiction writers set out to share their experiences, knowledge, ideas, and curiosities. The title also glances at Aristotle’s Organon (a collection that includes his Categories and his Prior and Posterior Analytics) and thus suggests a “new instrument” destined to transcend or replace the older, no longer serviceable one. (This notion of surpassing ancient authority is aptly illustrated on the frontispiece of the 1620 volume containing the New Organon by a ship boldly sailing beyond the mythical pillars of Hercules, which supposedly marked the end of the known world.) The New Organon is presented not in the form of a treatise or methodical demonstration but as a series of aphorisms, a technique that Bacon came to favor as less legislative and dogmatic and more in the true spirit of scientific experiment and critical inquiry.

Pages: 254

Publisher: UPA (December 21, 1992)

ISBN: 1556200889

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