Black Preaching: Select Sermons in the Presbyterian

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Despite the departure of congregations and individuals from the OPC, due to the leaders' collective inability to resolve the current justification controversy Biblically, the OPC leaders continue to advance doctrines that contradict Scripture. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.” The contemplated destruction was on so great a scale that some of the conspirators, when it was first explained to them, shrunk from the perpetration of a wickedness so awful.

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Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press (October 1977)

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Lastly, the universal priesthood of believers encourages followers to read the Bible and take action in all church related activities and government. Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis, which called the church out on all its immoral actions, played a vital role in the foundation and progression of the Protestant Church Looking at the history of the Church, whenever problems had arisen, the Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, always called together General Councils and corrected the problems. If there were problems in the Church before the Reformation, it was not up to unknown men like Luther and Calvin to try and correct them on their own without any authority when it was well known that the Church had always used General Councils to correct problems for the 1500 years prior. 5 , source: The story of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The door of Germany burst open, the conquerors would pour along the valley of the Danube, and plant the crescent amid the sacked cities and devastated provinces of the Empire I have no time, and it is not my business now, to discover all the kinds of turpitude introduced into their theology by the Jesuit fathers Busembau, Eacobar, The morality of the Jesuits is extolled. The Protestant morality is to say "Yes" Or "NO" according to the fact. But the Jesuit is not so hampered; he has his "mental reservation"* The last degree of immorality is the theory of father Molinos, called quietism, by which all immoralities are permitted, provided that the mind be quiet in God. + The Jesuits taught the killing of kings , cited:
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