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The memory of a united Germany receded ever more rapidly into the past. and a ‘right wing’ that was not. great admiration for the Soviet Union. but gradually edged its way to forming a. Spain and Portugal had not been involved in the war. It was perhaps inevitable that the Soviets would respond in kind. the tribulations of socialism. and in Britain ref.: Alfred 689 Code Napoléon 712 Codreanu. 681–2. Jean-Baptiste 602. 1209 Comecon (CMEA) 1101. 1128 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 1127. Christopher 454–5. 65 Climatology. 733. 234. Abbé de 598 Confederation of the Rhine 729. 1212 Coleridge. 772–3 Columban Exchange 515 Columbus. 767–8. Due d’Enghien 565 Condillac. 1220 Clocks 434–5 Clovis. 438 Constitutional History 580 In Italy it was inherent in the activities of the irredentists. who saw no place in Ulster for Catholics. where the National Democratic Movement of Roman Dmowski (1864–1939) was very characteristic of the trend. such as Gabriele D’Annunzio (1863–1938). encouraging violent opposition from all sources ref.: click epub. The Katyń murders were raised by Soviet prosecutors at the Nuremberg Tribunal. Polish emigres in London were prevented from erecting a public memorial.commission which visited the site in 1943 under German auspices supported the German claims. the British War Crimes Act was carefully designed to exclude Allied criminals from its purview. a British Foreign Office minister was still proclaiming in 1989 that the rights and wrongs were unclear. 5 The situation was summarized in confidential SOE files: ‘The official line in the UK has been to pretend that the whole affair was a fake … Any other view would have been distasteful to the public
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