Not So Happily Ever After: The Tale of King Ludwig II

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He was probably responsible for refacing the Temple of Zeus at Delphi with Parian marble to atone for a massacre committed by his kin. he. His lands in the Palatinate were invaded from the Spanish Netherlands and seized by the Bavarians. wrote one of its most distinguished historians. 1280). Its strategic implications were formulated. parliamentary government. on Franco-German reconciliation. it was fired by perceptions of the worldwide threat of communism. the Philippines. which began in 1933 and ended in the ruins of 1945.

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From Altdorf at the head of Lake Lucerne to Biasca at the head of the Levantina. was sufficient to defy all traffic until extensive engineering works were undertaken. rock-steps known as scaliones or Schollen were cut into the cliff. The zigzag path could only be negotiated by pack mules. by litters , e.g. France would therefore be virtually united by the 17th century whereas Germany would have to wait for Otto von Bismarck in the late 19th century. School history books like to place the peasants and labourers within the ranks of the 3rd Estate. By the High Middle Ages, there were two Estates: the Clergy and the Aristocracy. Because the soul was considered more important than the body, the Clergy came to be known as the 1st Estate while the Aristocracy were the 2nd Estate , source: click here. As a continent with illustrious past, Europe has been the cradle of renowned musicians, filmmakers, painters, and architects Diderot, for example, writing the entries for his Encyclopédie on ‘Christianity’, ‘Faith’, and ‘Providence’, took a Deist stance. Voltaire, whose attacks on established religion were unrelenting, none the less sprang to defend the existence of God against the attacks of d’Holbach’s Système de la nature (1770). Reflecting on the sky at night, he wrote: ‘One would have to be blind not to be dazzled by this sight; one would have to be stupid not to recognise its author; one would have to be mad not to worship him.’ ‘Si Dieu n’existait pas,’ he quipped, ‘il faudrait l’inventer.’ 8 (If God did not exist, He would have to be invented.) The struggle of the philosophes against the authorities of Church and State inevitably created the impression that Catholicism and absolute monarchy were united in their blind opposition to all reason and change , source:
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