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As long as you never step on the beds, and don't leave them bare through the winter, you probably won't have to remake them for many years. Learning Competencies The learner…     GRADE 7 - Earth and Space FOURTH QUARTER / FOURTH GRADING PERIOD The Philippine Archipelago  Location of the Philippines in relation to continents and oceans using a coordinate system Physical features of the Philippines  demonstrates understanding of the physical features of the Philippine archipelago and its natural resources, including the ways by which these resources are conserved and protected.  practices conservation and protection of resources (soil, water, rocks and minerals, fossil fuels) in the community.   demonstrates how places on Earth may be located using a coordinate system. describes the location of the Philippines with respect to the continents and oceans of the world. describes the major landforms and bodies of water in the Philippines. recognizes that soil, water, rocks, coal, and other fossil fuels are Earth materials. recognizes that Earth materials provide many of our resources. describes ways of using Earth's resources wisely. investigates the effects of unwise use of Earth's resources. differentiates the three types of charges. demonstrates the different types of charging processes. explains the importance of earthing or grounding. describes how a lightning rod works.

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