Stars Fell on Alabama. [A signed pamphlet.]

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Dehiyyah Lo ADU Rosh requires that the day of Tishrei 1 be postponed to the following day whenever the Molad of Tishrei occurs either on a Sunday, Wednesday or Friday. An entertaining book of American folklore and humor. In Arabic poems satirizing ʿĀyeša (also called omm al-moʾmenīn “mother of the faithful”), the wife of the Prophet, for her intrigues against Imam ʿAlī, which led to much bloodshed among Muslims in the battle of Jamal, is compared to a female cat who wants to eat her offspring (Jāḥeẓ, I, p. 197, VI, p. 58; Damīrī, II, p. 36; Qazvīnī, p. 147).

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