The Complete Works of Thomas Goodwin: Volume 5 (Puritan

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In the greater penalty, in addition to the above motivation, two further aims, both of which concentrate on the integrity of God and God's Church, come into play. I had some issues, however, with the idea that one bishop—the Pope of Rome—held the authority of supreme bishop over all other bishops, as well as with the idea that Christians whose sins were forgiven in confession still had to go to Purgatory because they didn’t have enough “merit” to satisfy the justice of God the Father and enter heaven yet [8].

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And if Christians advert to the law, "they see that every work they attempt or meditate is accursed" (Institutes, III, 19, 2, 4). Leo X had condemned Luther's thesis, "In every good work the just man sins." Baius fell under censure for asserting (Props. 74, 75) that "concupiscence in the baptized is a sin, though not imputed." The additional services, standing through the hour and a half to two hour liturgy, the fasting for over a third of the year… All of these additional obligations add up to what for some is an unbearable burden , source: Throughout his family and school life, he was lead to believe that the Catholic Church was not only wrong, but evil (described as the "whore of Babylon") A devout Roman Catholic, Mary I of England started the first Plantations of Ireland, which, ironically, soon came to be associated with Protestantism. The Reformation in Ireland was a movement for the reform of religious life and institutions that was introduced into Ireland by the English administration at the behest of King Henry VIII of England Wright’s approach to the formal principle of Protestantism, sola scriptura , source:
the yank Revolution was once led by means of the main valid intermediate kingdom magistrates of all, the kingdom governments. Like John Adams, we must always to gain that the information enacted in our Revolution, and handed all the way down to us, have been advanced and whole of highbrow precedents therefore, Erasmus in his Annotations on Romans (1516) argued that God’s optionally available selection happened put up praevisa merita [following foreseen merit]. [5] even though Romans nine seems to be to ascribe election exclusively to divine initiative, Erasmus stated, given that Romans eleven speaks of the excision of Jews from and incision of Gentiles into the “tree of religion” for his or her respective unbelief and trust, unfastened will needs to be a determinant in election. [6] Luther’s humanist wish to in attaining a “literal” analyzing of the textual content used to be obvious in experiences of person phrases (e.g., “anathema” in 9:3, “strength” in 9:17), idioms (“I will exhibit mercy” in 9:15 capacity “to forgive” in Hebrew; “feet” in 10:15 is the proclaiming of God’s word), and verb tenses (he agreed with Erasmus that the verb memphetai (Greek)/queritur (Latin) in 9:19 is deponent, now not passive) A Treatise On Justification.
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