The firm of Girdlestone : a romance of the unromantic (1890)

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This boy dog stays away from any dogfight. Read funny, wise books in the darkness of the winter! Successive crop failure led to "Black '47," with increases in famine, emigration, and disease. Many readily found jobs building roads or canals such as the Erie. But since the Exclusion Crisis, these earlier usages have been overshadowed by the function of the terms as a central part of English political rhetoric in the Restoration and eighteenth century. [¶10] In their English political usage, the terms derive from the factional conflict of the Exclusion Crisis (1679-81), when one faction (the Whigs) sought to exclude Charles II's brother, James, Duke of York, who was a professed Roman Catholic, from eligibility to succeed to the throne and the other faction (the Tories) insisted on the inviolability of the chain of succession and the necessity of acceptance of the legitimate heir.

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