The Letters of C.H. Spurgeon

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There are myriads of examples in Calvinism just like this one. On the other hand, Calvin taught that most people were not drawn by Jesus. Students killed Calvinist teachers (e.g., Petrus Ramus!). I truly hope that his heart was right with God. In this act, Protestants denounced the Catholic Mass in placards that appeared across France, even reaching the royal apartments. Collin writes about “stories of conversion – born again by the power of God, then transformed by the mystery of grace.” There is much to celebrate here.

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He's in the grips of a secularized Calvinist work ethic. Here, "[e]conomic acquisition is no longer subordinated to man as the means for the satisfaction of his material needs." With this worldview, one no longer makes money in order to live, but lives to make money Those who reacted in a purely defensive way to the presentation of Darwin�s theories failed to grasp the truth of the new scientific discoveries and set their minds and hearts against the new discoveries, spending so much time and energy defending the indefensible that they failed to make truly relevant the deepest insights of the faith Rationality in the Calvinian Tradition (Christian studies today). May I say, that the office of that papacy hasn't the power to release anybody from purgatory, for there is no purgatory, and the Lord is near to all those that will call on Him (Ps. 145:18); but man loves in his sin, which grieves the Lord (Eze. 6:9) Sola Scriptura is an abuse of the Bible, since it is a use of the Bible contrary to its explicit and implicit testimony about itself and Tradition. An objective reading of the Bible leads one to Tradition and the Catholic Church, rather than the opposite. The Bible is, in fact, undeniably a Christian Tradition itself! 103. The NT was neither written nor received as the Bible at first, but only gradually so (i.e., early Christianity couldn't have believed in sola Scriptura like current Protestants, unless it referred to the OT alone). 104
the place in Scripture did Jesus say believing in completely contrary perspectives is suitable? moreover, the place else on the earth is this type of trust permitted that many perspectives are applicable? without doubt mathematicians and scientists don't enable a number of ideals for a similar scenario and neither can we see such an illogical trust wherever else. but how illogical is it for the Protestant reformers to unexpectedly suggest an "all ideals are appropriate" trust beginning within the sixteenth century the will used to be for the Church of britain to resemble extra heavily the Protestant church buildings of Europe, specially Geneva. The Puritans objected to embellishes and formality within the church buildings as idolatrous (vestments, surplices, organs, genuflection), which they castigated as " popish pomp and rags". (See Vestments controversy .) in addition they objected to ecclesiastical courts. Their refusal to propose thoroughly the entire ritual instructions and formulation of the booklet of universal Prayer and the imposition of its liturgical order via criminal strength and inspection sharpened Puritanism right into a convinced competition movement , e.g. Nature and Function of Faith in the Theology of John Calvin (NABPR dissertation series). Like different Calvinists, Hotman used to be much less prone than the Catholics to depend upon normal legislations, who prefer as an alternative to target the contractual dating among the ruler and the folk. His argument for the significance of the long-ignored 3 Estates of France was once in line with Calvinist idea that sovereignty didn't stay solely within the ideal magistrate The Kingdom Of Heaven Taken By Prayer: Translation from The Kingdom of Satan To The Kingdom of God.
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