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Erzulie, the “hyper-heterogenic” goddess of love in Haitian Vodoun, might find her place at 5 o’clock; this lovely lady had numerous male lovers, many of whom betrayed her or treated her badly. Elsewhere, dramatic presentations (as in Japanese nō plays and the Javanese wayang) are similarly rooted in myth. In addition, the differentiation between “sex” and “gender” helps to avoid stereotyping; “gender” resembles the Chinese use of the terms “yin” and “yang” rather than “male” and “female.” It helps to explain the presence of “earth fathers” (e.g., Geb) and “sky mothers” (e.g., Nut) in mythology and folklore; the archetypes of “penetration” and “receptivity” go much deeper than one’s physical sexual characteristics.

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The Homeric epics were both an example and an exploration of heroic values, and the poems became the basis of education in classical Greece. The great epics of India (Mahabharata and Ramayana) came to function as encyclopedias of knowledge and provided models for all human existence Perhaps most obviously, Jung was fascinated by the recurrence of stories, symbols, etc., in all ages and places. He concluded that myths arise from the universal and underlying collective unconscious, biologically inherited and born anew in each individual Another myth is that we all look like this. Army RDECOM/Flickr, CC BY-SA Jeffrey Craig receives funding from the National health and Medical Research Council, the Financial Markets Foundation for Children and the Jack Brockhoff Foundation read pdf. In essence, this contract reminds us of Mitra, whose name means contract. In the contemporary Romanian language the word ‘Fîrtate’, a vocative form, lost its divine connotations. The phonetic similarity between the word ‘frate-brother’ and ‘Fîrtate’ determined the general consensus among linguists that these two words are in fact one, that Fîrtate originates in the Latin form ‘frater’. This explanation is problematic mainly because the Romanian myth, especially the diving theme, is not to be found in the Roman mythology, nor is there a god with a name similar to that of Fîrtat
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