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Publisher: Dover Publications (October 3, 2012)


The researcher will investigate the tradition of storytelling by hearing the stories from Samoan elders themselves. These stories will be supplemented with details from secondary written resources in order to compile comprehensive versions of the myths and legends Patterns of communication, social networking sites, hyperlinks and so on all provide for some fascinating and, perhaps worrying, insight into how society really works Greek mythology emphasized the weakness of humans in contrast to the great and terrifying powers of nature Cosmogony sets the pattern for everything else in most traditions; other myths are related to it or derived from it , source: Hurston demonstrates, as well, the legitimacy and value of using language, imagery, symbolism, and legends that are grounded in ancient African tradition as a context within which to address issues and concerns about modern black American life (class, gender, inter- and intra-racial conflicts, social and cultural change) and about the universal human condition (the rite of passage from adolescence to womanhood, humanity’s relationships with nature and death) However, that doesn’t mean swallowing gum is a great idea. Swallowing large amounts of gum can cause constipation and gastrointestinal blockage that needs to be removed by a physician. Gum can also fuse with other non-digestible items in the digestive tract such as coins, small toys, and sharp sunflower seed shells, which could contribute to gastrointestinal blockage or injury
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