Treasures from the Center: The Ancient Cure For Negative

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Union is certain to end in separation; life is sure to end in death. You don’t have to be psychic to see these auras. Or you can buy my book on these new systems, or attend my workshops. He is also known by the names Dharmaraja, Mrityu, Antaka, Kaala, Vaivasvata and Sarvapranahara. Also, AUM is expressed as consisting of three independent letters A, U, and M, each of which has its own meaning and significance.

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Located in front and back around the forehead. Supplies energy to lower brain, pituitary, eye, ears, nose and nervous system. Relates to conceptual understanding and carrying our ideas in procession to accomplish them. Closed minded, focuses outwardly on material aspects, believes only in 5 senses. Vision disorders, headaches and schizophrenia COMFORTING MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN. The authority again, of the Vedas and other scriptures, not inconsistent with the Vedas, is eternal. That person who bears in his understanding merely the texts of the Vedas and other scriptures without being conversant with the true sense or meaning of those texts, bears them fruitlessly Causes of these distortions and imbalances include fatigue, which slows the energy center spin. Emotional trauma is another important cause of imbalances. Today poor quality diets affect the energy centers greatly, as do injuries, accidents, traumas such as Rape, illnesses, electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress and emotions such as fear, worry, unhappiness, anger, guilt and other negative emotions Natarajan p. 116). � The design of the Kailasa remained, for all time, the perfect model of a Shivalinga, - the temple craftsman�s vision of Shiva�s wondrous palace in his Himalayan glacier, where in his Yogi�s cell the Lord of the Universe, the great magician, controls the cosmic forces by the power of thought; the holy rivers, creating the life in the world below, enshrined in His matted locks; Parvati, His other Self, the Universal Mother, watching by His side.� (source: The Splendour That Was 'Ind' - By K T Shah p. 153-154)
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